Customised quality ski equipment

The ski equipment you choose is key to having fun on the slopes. It starts with choosing the right boot for your feet. Use our boot fitting service for the perfect fit.

And if you haven’t found the perfect pair of skis yet, why not come and test a few alpine or freeride skis or snowboards before making up your mind?

Test skis

Try before you buy! We provide you with the best equipment and the latest brands currently available. You can test all the different styles, makes and lengths of skis that we sell in our shop. Our team will be happy to give you advice to suit your level and style of skiing. If you choose to buy the skis, you will receive a refund for up to two tests.

Boot fitting service

The N°1 rule for good skiers is to find the perfect boot that fits the shape of your foot, your style of skiing and your level.
No more squashed toes, sore shins or swollen ankles! Using state-of-the-art technology, our expert boot fitters will be with you every step of the way. The Sidas Feetbox® 3D scanner has a built-in pressure platform and we offer a variety of sole, sock and thermoforming options to find the best balance of comfort and precision.

Make an appointment today so you can hit the slopes more quickly!

Waxing, edge sharpening, repairs and service

If you like making perfect turns, you need to look after your skis. Smooth, well-waxed skis and sharp edges are the secret to a great day’s skiing, whether you’re on the piste or in the powder. With the help of the world-famous machines by the Austrian ski manufacturer Wintersteiger, our technicians take special care of your skis.

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