Terms & conditions for pandemics / epidemics

    No1 Sports acknowledges the risk of a pandemic or epidemic as an exceptional situation. These terms and conditions are intended to outline the Customer’s rights in such a situation. For simplicity and understanding we are cooperating with TéléVerbier in order to offer the same refund conditions for equipment rental during the season 2020/2021.
    No1 Sports has determined 4 time periods which correspond to the number of days the lifts may be closed. The periods are as follows, and the number of days of closure is cumulative:

    • From 21 to 50 days
    • From 51 to 80 days
    • From 81 to 110 days
    • From 111 days
    The customer is only eligible for compensation if official governmental regulations are imposed that prevent the customer from taking advantage of the holiday rental.

    The following examples are considered as official governmental regulations:

    • Partial or total closure of Switzerland, resulting in the closure of leisure facilities, including ski lifts.
    • Partial or total closure of the customer’s country of origin.
    • A quarantine imposed by Switzerland on arrival in the country, or a quarantine imposed by the customer’s country on his return, which does not allow him to travel reasonably.

    Under no circumstances can No1 Sports be held responsible for the non-arrival of a customer if this occurs due to a non-binding reason (such as the need for caution, recommendations not to travel, etc.) or a non-governmental reason (personal reasons, illness, etc).

    It is up to the customer to take out adequate insurance against these risks, and in this case he alone is responsible for not taking advantage of his holiday rental. In this case, the customer may not claim any compensation under any circumstances.

    The charges can be requested in the shop or by email.

    A closure for a period of less than or equal to 20 days does not entitle the customer to any compensation.

    A refund will only be issued if the lift installations are closed between 12 December 2020 and 11 April 2021 (121-day seasonal basis). Every day outside this period is a bonus offered to the customer, courtesy of the 4 Vallées ski area and its artificial snowmaking facilities. In the event of late opening or early closing during the season, the customer may not claim compensation under any circumstances.
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