FW clothing available in Verbier at No 1 Sports!

Exclusive to Verbier: our store sells the highly versatile clothing brand FW.

Combining performance and style, FW jackets and pants allow you to:

  1. Ride in extreme conditions (sub-zero temperatures, wet weather, storms and more) thanks to the outstanding quality
  2. Look stylish in the streets of Verbier and après-ski with a modern and minimalist look
  3. If you forget to get undressed after your wild night out, sleep in total comfort thanks to the maximum breathability of the fabrics


Image © Fabian Bodet

Less impact on the environment

Environmentally friendly clothing which has been designed and developed with exceptionally durable materials. FW also has a repair service so you don’t have to throw your favourites in the bin if they get damaged. On top of that, the brand donates 1% of its profits to NGOs fighting climate change. The planet says thank you!

Stop by the shop and be unique in your style!

Image © Fabian Bodet
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